Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Corinthian Club

Just had to share about a dinner I organised for work and in particular about the amazing venue. I wanted to move away from the standard hotel room that had been used before. They sometimes feel like your event is just 3 of 50 similiar events taking place that week/month/year, an event done to a formula. That's not to say some hotels can't be great for events, I just find the chain hotels make you feel like a number.

Anyway I wanted to veer away from that and sourced The Corinthian Club in Glasgow. It used to be a private members club and they've totally refurbished it and what a result! As you can see from the pictures there's a casino, various bars, karaoke rooms, a club, private dining rooms etc. It really has personality and each space can cater for individual tastes.

We will definately be using them again, for now I'm looking forward to visiting for sunday brunch sitting it one of the 'faberge egg' chairs, and staring up at the beautiful ceiling.

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  1. This is very grand inside! I went to a similar venue called 200 SVS which was equally impressive. Never heard of it until I went for a wee afternoon tea and spa day. I just love Glasgow!!! 200 SVS